I am in the midst of this debate myself, as I am already regret a few of my newsletters and wish that I only sent the good ones. But that makes me wonder: does every newsletter have to be meaningful? Social media posts don’t operate under that kind of scrutiny and yet people follow. They want to see the unprofessional side, or just see what someone they know and like is doing today. (And certainly social media has been the savior of many authors whose readers would completely forget about them if they didn’t have some kind of access to that person on a day-to-day basis.) As a reader, sometimes the less professional posts are my favorite. I don’t want the whole saga all the time (but I do some of the time). I archive newsletters I don’t feel like reading that day and open the ones I do. And I like having that option. The jury’s out for me on whether I continue the weekly. But for now I’ve decided to commit to the weekly until August so my readers can get to know me, and then when I start publishing my novel I may reevaluate and go to monthly. But for me the debate isn’t quality vs. quantity, it’s all sides of me or just the polished sides. Maybe in the end the readers will decide.

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